online office for your company.

Digitalo is a fully integrated online service that gathers all the available tools and resources to provide an exceptional remote workspace.

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Digitalo will provide you with tools for your employees to work 100% remotely.

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Samuel Olston

Business Owner

Exploit the benefits of distance

We provide you the necessary gear to overcome the difficulties of work regardless of your location, thus, allowing you to build international teams with the exact skills you need.

Join us and knock down barriers created by physical separation.

Live & Work

We developed an outstanding product which will allow you to leverage the power of connectivity.

We'll make you feel in the office.

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Track your business overall efficiency

We provide you with the right technology and appropriate tools so you never lose track of your employees' performance while still working remotely.

If you want to increase your productivity join our ship.

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Remote working made easy

We also thought about the employee’s side. They will have a set of equipment to fulfill day-to-day objectives set by their boss. We’ll use mechanisms to boost motivation and productivity through all the chain of command.

Increase your company's productivity.

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Why Digitalo


Less routine
– more creativity

Automate best strategies and focus more on generating best solutions.


teams efficiently

Scale your teams fast and increase ROI at the same time.


of thousands saved

Stop inefficient budget spend in having physical places.

The powerful and flexible solution for all kinds of businesses

Whether you're creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a portfolio showcase, Digitalo's unmatched functionality will help you build it having always an eye on the planet and your employees.


By using Digitalo's remote workplaces you decrease your employee’s dead travel time, therefore, increasing his free time.


Employee's with more free time will have boosted energy levels which will then be used to boost your buisness to the next level.


Your business will be also taking care of the planet's contamination by reducing the transportation pollution generated by transport vehicles.


The company implementing this technology will acquire the safety that no matter what, they are bulletproof against any extraordinary situation as they can mount their physical office online and be equally or more productive.